Nicki Palermo

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The Nicki Palermo Group

Cell: (240) 876-4075

5735 Deale Churchton Road
Deale, MD 20751

It is safe to say that Nicki Palermo eats, sleeps, and breathes real estate. She was lucky enough to find her passion at a young age when she started working as a secretary at the age of 16 for a real estate firm through a work-study program offered through her high school. She loved the business from the very first day, became a licensed real estate agent at the age of 18 and has never turned back! Since that beginning, Nicki has built a very successful real estate business and has successfully assisted countless clients through their real estate transactions.

Nicki loves to help clients turn what they thought was an impossibility into a reality. She is extraordinarily diligent and sets clear expectations for her clients from day one. This approach helps Nicki eliminate stress from the home buying and selling process for all of her clients. In fact, her favorite part of real estate is when her clients walk into a home and she sees their faces light up as they mentally start arranging furniture. When this happens, she knows that she has helped make another client’s dream of home ownership come true!

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