Our Agents Are Our Customers

At RE/MAX One, our Agents are our Customers. Our Agents “Experience The Difference” at RE/MAX One with tools, training, and support that help them to achieve success and best serve their clients.

Don’t believe us, take it from our Agents:

“After moving to RE/MAX One about a year ago, it has been increasingly evident that the ownership, management, and support staff leave no stone unturned. Their Training Schedules and opportunities, Marketing Programs and Assistance, as well as their Support Staff, Legal advice, and Events and Event Support are amazing. Mark Davis and the RE/MAX One team pay attention to the details!
Mike Parker, REALTOR®

“Simply put, joining Re/Max One was like finding the perfect home! Mark and his team provide a unique combination of support and appreciation that is unparalleled to anything I’ve seen in my 15+ years in the business. It’s like having an entire staff working with you to grow your success!
Susan Bollen, REALTOR®

“All I can say is that RE/MAX One is the most “agent-centric” company I have ever worked for. I’ve been around a long time, and have learned over the years to take what I hear with the proverbial “grain of salt”. I heard from a multitude of agents that Mark Davis really takes care of his agents. I thought to myself, how many times have I heard that one? The truth of the matter is that Mark and the company are everything I was told they were, and more. By working for a company that treats its agents as their customer, I can better serve my clients. 
Jeff Ross, REALTOR®

“At RE/MAX One, I honestly feel a part of a team. Despite being a fast-growing brokerage, agents and staff have a “how-can-I-help” attitude. RE/MAX One provides course offerings, staff resources, broker access, colleague support and networking opportunities. I’m proud to be a RE/MAX One REALTOR® and look forward to my career growth in this industry as a member of RE/MAX One!”
Jennifer Lesesne, REALTOR®



“At RE/MAX One I trust my broker to support my business, not compete with me. That’s what makes RE/MAX One different.”
Jim Manuel, REALTOR®

“After 18 years, finally we are where we are supposed to be. RE/MAX One cares about our success, and it shows. Our RE/MAX One HOME!”
Wayne & Christine Floyd, REALTOR®

“I’ve been a part of a few Real Estate brokerages in my career, but I feel I’ve found my “home” with Remax One. The support we receive is genuine and helpful for me to take my business to the next level”
Nicki Palermo, REALTOR®

“RE/MAX One has a different take on how it’s done. They put agents first and that lets me focus on growing my business. For me, the people at RE/MAX One are like family.”
Linda Gregory, REALTOR®

“I recently switched over to RE/MAX ONE and I could not be happier! The support that the broker and all of his staff provide are exceptional. At RE/MAX One they really do put their agents first!”
Jason Junge, REALTOR®

“While working in real estate for two decades, I’ve learned that things are always changing and developing. RE/MAX One makes sure agents are ahead of the curve in technology, expertise, and strategy. Having access to the Attorneys and support staff is invaluable to my business. They’re simply the best.
Dawn Riley, Associate Broker

“Moving to RE/MAX One has been one the best decisions we have made! Everyone who is a part of the RE/MAX One family is quick to offer support and assist each individual agent with their own unique needs. Mark promotes growth and success to his most tenured agents as well as the next generation of REALTORS®. We’ve experienced the difference! And that difference is care!”
Scott & Pattee McInerney

“Re/Max One has been the perfect brokerage for me to begin my real estate career. They have been invaluable with resources such as training, seminars, and direct access to Lawyers and knowledgeable professionals. RE/MAX One really cares about the next generation of real estate professionals and wants to see us thrive. I can’t imagine being anywhere else.”
Sam Riley, REALTOR®

“The support from RE/MAX One surpasses anything I have experienced in my 20+ year career. The broker and staff members are simply there 24/7 to answer my questions which helps me provide a higher level of service to my clients. I never knew I needed this support, but now that I have it I can’t imagine being in this business without it!”
Kristi Krankowski, REALTOR®

“I count on RE/MAX One because I know this brokerage is Dependable, Knowledgeable, and Forward Thinking.
Marie Beatty, REALTOR®

“I’ve worked within the RE/MAX network for 29 years and joined RE/MAX One two years ago. RE/MAX One helps agents thrive and prosper with systems that are relevant to today’s technology, advanced training and a broker that is here to assist with legal issues immediately. (The social networking events are also a fun bonus!)”
SOMDHouseHunter Team

“I’ve been with ReMax One for over a year and am very happy I made the move! RE/MAX One is a wonderful work environment because the Broker’s main goal is assisting his agents. There are the multiple attorneys available for agents to use, at all times. Plus, we have a great support staff!”
Susan Cleary, REALTOR®
The Cleary Group of RE/MAX One

“I’ve worked as a Full-Time REALTOR® with RE/MAX for over 22 years. I consider it my mission to help my clients solve problems, reach their goals and make sound investments. I appreciate that at RE/MAX One I have the freedom to run my business while getting the support I need to provide the best service possible for my clients.”
Jeff Bridegum, REALTOR®

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